Here is a link from GMCC website regarding the Oak Island Tour and Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival organized by Brian and Debbie the weekend of September 24th and 25th. Click here for pictures and details. Credit to Paul Dunn for the pictures.

Randy and Audrey’s South Shore Run on Sunday, September 18th: “Great run today on the South Shore, thanks you Randy & Audrey.  Nice day, warm, sun for most, just started to spit rain when we were in the parking lot of Waves, if it’s got to rain, at the end of our cruise day is fine, and we actually really need the rain. 8 cars out on today’s run, I think all of the convertible tops were down, nice countryside, shoreline roads, our usual stops in Chester & Mahone Bay, another stop later in the afternoon, I apologize but I’m not familiar enough with the area to say where exactly the 3rdstop was.  Then on to Waves for an early supper. Great run Randy & Audrey, thank you for offering to host todays cruise.”

Here is a video from Cynthia’s Run taken by a friend of Philip Gale:

Evening All, Peter wanted me to send out a note thanking everyone who attended Cynthia’s Run today.

We started out with I think it was 21 cars, picked up a 3 in Windsor, 1 in Elmsdale, dropped 1 or 2 along the way who could only attend a portion of the run.  Ang & I were towards the rear, at one point I could see all the cars in front as the road went down a hill & back up the other side and I counted 24 cars at that time.

Weather ended up cooperating with us, the sun even came out at Windsor through to past Middle Musquodoboit, a few of us even popped the roofs & drop tops.

Today’s run brings to a conclusion Peters sponsorship of the CCNS from the Estate of Cynthia Arsenault which consisted of 3 parts; sponsorship of the Maritime Meet, Cynthia’s pick at the Maritime Meet and Cynthia’s Run today which was one of her favorite runs through Windsor, over to Elmsdale, out through Middle Musquodoboit and Musquodoboit Harbour.

Peter was very pleased with the large turnout for Cynthia’s Run and wanted to pass on his thanks to everyone who joined us today.

***An update from Troy on the PEI Vettefest Weekend (August 13th and 14th):

“Met up with all the participating clubs at the Gateway Village, Borden Sat AM, I didn’t get a count but I believe we had 10 cars from CCNS for Sat.  The weather was awesome, fantastic driving tour of central PEI, stopped at the Sou Wester Pub for lunch on the Patio, then continued our driving tour back to Charlottetown.  The PEI club hosted their BBQ on Sat night along with their Chinese Auction where several of the CCNS members won some prizes.

Today was the Car Show at Action, unfortunately Mother Nature wasn’t as happy with us today as it did rain but those who attended were in good spirits despite the dull weather, I think there were about 40 cars for the show.  Due to the poor weather the voting was rounded up by 11:45, awards around 12:15’ish.  Several CCNS members won door prizes at today’s show, Jody Crooke & Lea Smith won a nice new pressure washer to help keep the Stingray clean. 

CCNS took home 4 of the 7 class wins, Congratulations go out to Brian & Debbie Palmer – 1st place for their 1967 C2, Ian Flewwelling – 1st place for his 1980 C3, Randy & Audrey Eisnor – 1st place for their 1992 C4, and Troy & Angela Wallace – 1st place for our 2005 C6.

A big thank you to the PEI club for all their hard work and another great show weekend, sure the weather wasn’t the best today but still overall a great weekend with our fellow Corvette’ers.” 

***An update from Troy on the Barrington Car Show the weekend of August 6th and 7th:

“Evening all, just a quick update on today’s Barrington Car Show. A big thank you to both Jody Crook & Ivan Hines for their efforts to help organize the Corvette’s at today’s show. The weather was great, sunny & warm but not too hot, was a really good day. This show is the single biggest fund raiser for the Barrington Volunteer Fire Dept. so it was nice to participate in such a worthwhile community event.

We had 9 cars from the CCNS as well as approx. 5-6 additional Corvette’s scattered across the show field, we introduced ourselves & left Ivan’s “Join the Club” cards and membership applications for the few extra Vette’s. There were a few of the CCNS members who’s car #’s were called for prize bags.

One of the additional fund raising features was an old Dodge truck donated for the run it until it dies event (apparently they couldn’t find a Chev to use for this cause they’re all still on the road, LOL), the fire dept. drained the oil from the truck’s engine and sold guess’ for how long it would run before it died, Phillip Gale won with the closest guess to the 4 min 46 sec it took to die.

We also brought home 2 prize plaques, 1 for Top Convertible for my red 05 as well as we narrowly beat out a couple of local area car clubs for best club participation. We’ll raffle off the Barrington Show Club Participation plaque to a lucky CCNS member at this October’s AGM meeting.

Thanks again to Ivan & Jody as well as those who attended todays show.”

***Thank you to everyone who made it out to the CCNS Maritime Meet on Saturday, July 23rd. We had 70 Corvettes register for the show. Here are some pictures from the show:

2016 - CCNS Maritime Meet

A big thank you to Brian and Debbie Palmer for their time and dedication in organizing this event, Betty-Mae Madden for designing the logo for the T-Shirts, Stuart Kia for allowing us to use their car lot, Ivan Hines for the plaques, Colchester Food Bank for the BBQ, our show sponsors (MacDonald Corvettes, Masstown Market, Rime Restaurant and Wine Bar, Gary Steeves Insurance, Hubtown Crane, Stuart Kia, DanMac Construction, Tim Hortons Truro Power Centre, True North Diner, In Loving Memory of Cynthia Arsenault, Hines Marine Services), and everyone who travelled to Truro to make this show a successful event.

Congratulations to the following winners:

53-62: No Corvette

63-67: Mark Poirier – 1966 Mossport Green

68-73: Paul Bailey – 1973 Orange

74-77: Ivan Hines – 1974 Black

78-82: Debbie Palmer – 1980 Red

84-89: Brian and Debbie Palmer – 1985 Red

90-96: Randy and Audrey Eisnor – 1992 Black

97-04 (1st Place): Charles Hamilton – 2002 Pewter

97-04 (2nd Place): Vernon and Julie Patriquin – 1998 White

05-13 (1st Place): Troy and Angela Wallace – 2005 Red

05-13 (2nd Place): Kingsley Lewis – 2012 Carlisle Blue

14-16 (1st Place): Roger and Jeanne Cormier – 2015 Red

14-16 (2nd Place): Austin and Carolyn McKay – 2015 Silver Z06

Longest Distance: Bill and Bonnie Lado – 890 miles/1424 km (Oneonta, NY)

Club Participation: Greater Moncton Corvette Club – 12 Corvettes

Special #1 (Martime Meet Paricipation/Dedication): Orrie Flick

Special #2 (Dedication to Corvette Community): Roger and Angela Bourgeois

Cynthia’s Pick (Best representation of her favorite Corvette – A black C6 Z06 with LED tail lights): Orrie Flick

Thanks again to everyone who made today a successful event!

***We had a great turnout at the Roaring 20’s Antique Auto Club Seafest Car Show on Saturday, July 16th. We had 35 Vettes in total, with many from the Tri-County area. Several members from the GMCC were also in attendance. Close to 1/3 were C3’s. The show itself had over 500 entries, so there were lots of people looking at the cars. Thank you to Ivan for organizing a great show – it was nice to have our own parking lot! Here is a link from the local newspaper: Over 500 entrants in Roaring 20s Auto Club’s annual car show in downtown Yarmouth. Here are some pictures from the show:

2016 - Yarmouth Antique Parade and Car Show

WEDNESDAY NIGHT CRUISES: Will resume June 1st for the summer. Departure will be 6:30pm from the Tim Hortons Bedford Commons. Some members go to the Chicken Burger prior to the run for supper. If you would like to lead a Wednesday Night Cruise, please contact Orrie or Calvin.

The CCNS now has a Facebook Group. If you are on Facebook, you can request to join the group here. Feel free to invite other members as well.

The GMCC held their 25th Annual Show and Shine at the Atlantic Nationals on Saturday, July 9th. Congratulations to the following winners from our club: C2 – Brian and Debbie Palmer, C6 Convertible – Troy and Angela Wallace. The CCNS also won the Club Participation award. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend! Here are some pictures from the show:

2016 - GMCC Show & Shine (Atlantic Nationals)

The GMCC held a run on Friday, July 8th to Cap Pele. We had 25 Corvettes from NS, NB, ON, NF, and Maine on the run. Here are some pictures:

2016 - GMCC Cap Pele Run

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Lounsbury Show in Moncton on Saturday, June 25th. Some pics from the GMCC site can be found here. Some pics from the Lounsbury Chevrolet Facebook Page can be found here.

Thanks to Rick and Nancy for the pictures from Bar Habour. Looks like it was a great time! Click on the images to scroll through the slideshow.

Bar Harbour 2016

A big thank you to Karen & David Mackenzie for organizing & hosting the North Shore Run on May 29th. Great day, mostly sunny, could have been warmer but that didn’t stop some of the roof’s from coming out as well as a few tops being dropped. We had 10 cars out for today’s run, met up with the Mackenzie’s at the Truro Power Center, headed to the Pictou waterfront, on to Tatamagouche through to Port Howe for lunch at the Sand Piper then through Oxford and on to Masstown Market via the old Wentworth road. Congrats to Orrie on his 50/50 win. Awesome day, great run and to a part of the province and roads we don’t normally get to see, thank you again David & Karen.

Here is a picture of the “Hines’ Triplets” submitted by Ivan (74 454, 95 ZR-1, 06 Z06):

Hines Triplets

Thanks to Orrie for leading our first run of 2016 on Sunday, May 1st. We had 21 Corvettes out and several others who met us in Chester and Mahone Bay. We left Bedford Commons a little after 11 am, did the Peggys Cove loop, with a stop in Peggys Cove. We then continued along Highway 3 with stops in Chester and Mahone Bay, ending with supper at Waves around 3:30 pm. Roger and Angela from the GMCC joined us as well. Here are some pics from the run:

2016 - Peggys Cove Loop to Bridgewater - May 1st

Building GM’s Most Powerful Engine Ever, the 650hp LT4 V8:

The best video of the 2015 Z06 I have seen so far. Turn your volume up!

Watch Corvette’s Evolution Over Seven Generations:

Corvette Generations

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