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CCNS Executives and Representatives



President: Ivan Hines
Vice President: Marvin (Sandy) Stoddard
Past President: Amanda Hines
Secretary: Kim Gilby
Treasurer: David Kelly
Director at Large: Dean Langille


Halifax Chapter Rep: Calvin Pearce

Eastern Shore Chapter Rep: David Kelly

Valley Chapter Rep: Doug Butt

South Shore Chapter Rep: Randy Eisnor

North Shore Chapter Rep: Mark Delorey

Tri-County Chapter Rep: Jody Crook


Newsletter Editor: Darleen Langille

Events Coordinator: David Publicover

Charity Coordinator: Ferne Shaw

Membership Coordinator: Rick Latimer

Social Media:

Facebook Group Admin: Ivan Hines

Website Administrator: Kelton Nickerson

The Corvette Club of Nova Scotia (CCNS) is fortunate to have dedicated individuals serving in various executive and representative roles. These individuals contribute their time and expertise to ensure the smooth functioning of the club and provide valuable support to its members.

The executive team includes Ivan Hines as the President, leading the club with passion and enthusiasm, along with Marvin (Sandy) Stoddard as the Vice President. Amanda Hines, as the Past President, brings valuable experience and guidance to the team. Kim Gilby holds the role of Secretary, managing club communications and correspondence. David Kelly takes on the responsibilities of the Treasurer, ensuring the club's finances are well-managed. Dean Langille serves as the Director at Large, bringing diverse perspectives and insights to the executive team.

Representing different regions within Nova Scotia, the chapter representatives play a crucial role in facilitating communication and engagement between the club and its members. Calvin Pearce serves as the Halifax Chapter Rep, while David Kelly represents the Eastern Shore Chapter. The Valley Chapter Rep position is currently held by Doug Butt. Randy Eisnor serves as the South Shore Chapter Rep, Mark Delorey as the North Shore Chapter Rep, and Jody Crook as the Tri-County Chapter Rep.

The dedicated staff members contribute to the smooth operation of the club's activities and initiatives. Darleen Langille takes on the role of Newsletter Editor, ensuring members receive informative and engaging updates. David Publicover serves as the Events Coordinator, organizing exciting events and activities for club members. Ferne Shaw acts as the Charity Coordinator, overseeing the club's charitable initiatives and community outreach. Rick Latimer serves as the Membership Coordinator, facilitating the membership process and assisting new and existing members.

For online presence, Ivan Hines manages the CCNS Facebook Group, providing a platform for members to connect and share their experiences. Kelton Nickerson takes care of the club's website, ensuring it remains updated and accessible for members and visitors.

The combined efforts of these individuals contribute to the success and vibrancy of the Corvette Club of Nova Scotia, fostering a strong sense of community and providing memorable experiences for all members.

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